San Diego County
Rent & Eviction Controls

Despite the industry's efforts, the San Diego County Board of Supervisors ratified the rent and eviction controls on May 4. The ordinance has the following impacts on owners:

  • Limits rent increases on most rental units to the rate of inflation from June 4 to June 30
  • Prohibits most evictions from the end of stay at home orders and 60 days thereafter
  • Effectively void previously served notices to vacate
  • Prohibit landlords from following through on writs of possession issued by courts
  • Applies to most properties throughout the county, regardless of which city the unit is in

The California Apartment Association will provide members with updates about the association's next steps and guidance about compliance. Please visit the CAA website for more information.

CAA's San Diego Action Center demonstrated that we can organize hundreds of property owners and housing professionals in an unprecedented fashion. The industry sent in over a thousand messages and hundreds of callers testified. CAA will continue to build on industry mobilization.