UPDATED 4/4 7:03 PM

San Diego City
No-Fault Eviction Moratorium

The City of San Diego is considering an outright ban or additional limitations on no-fault evictions. The proposal is expected to have the following impacts:

  1. Restricts owner or their family members from moving in.
  2. Prohibits evictions for substantial remodels or rehabilitation of a property.
  3. Extends noticing requirements to withdraw rental units from the market.

On the evening of April 4, the San Diego City Council took its first step toward limiting “no fault” evictions. The “no fault” eviction moratorium passed on a 5-1 vote with Councilmember Cate in opposition. A second hearing to ratify the ordinance is expected on May 9, and the moratorium would be effective thereafter. The rental housing industry was able to secure an end date of September 30, 2022 or 30 days after the end of the local state of emergency, whichever comes first.

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