UPDATED: April 20, 2023San Diego Eviction Regulations

The City of San Diego is considering several new eviction regulations that interfere with your ability to manage your rental property. CAA's San Diego Action Center is a comprehensive resource for rental housing providers to receive updates and take action.

The City of San Diego has released the draft language for a new Tenant Protection Ordinance. The City Council will vote on these rental housing regulations on Tuesday April 25th at 2:00 pm. The ordinance includes the following:

  1. Eviction protections for all renters on day one of tenancy
  2. Restrictions on making improvements to rental units
  3. Payment of thousands of dollars in tenant relocation fees
  4. Cumbersome and bureaucratic noticing for owner move-ins and for building permits.
  5. More expensive temporary relocation requirements when making short-term property repairs or improvements.
  6. Additional penalties for civil violations including exemplary damages and attorney fees

While these initial concepts have been presented, anti-housing activists are expected to push for stricter restrictions. They want San Diego to have a restrictive ordinance that is a model for their future efforts. We anticipate some councilmembers might push for these additional regulations at the hearing. Housing providers must show up in force in order to make it clear that the city doesn’t need more bureaucracy and red tape.

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