Participate at the Meeting

The meeting for stricter eviction regulations will be on April 25, 2023 at 2:00 PM. CAA strongly encourages you to attend the meeting in-person. This resource is available for those who can only participate by phone or Zoom.

Housing providers need to tell our story, otherwise tenant rights activists will outnumber housing providers. Here you can stream the video, find dial-in info, and a sample script. Check back here often or sign up for alerts.

Livestream Meeting
Tuesday, 25 April, 2023
Hover over and click play to begin stream. Make sure the live indicator is showing. Please note there is a slight delay in the video feed. Mute the video when you are called on to speak.

Trouble with the feed? Try these alternatives:

The meeting will occur over several hours because of other county business or the volume of speakers. You may have to wait hours before it is your opportunity to speak. You can sign up for mobile text message notifications to be informed when the ordinances are being considered. It is critically important that your voice is heard. The industry needs strength in numbers to overcome the amount of supporters.

Using your phone or computer

More information about the City of San Diego's tenant protection ordinance and the schedule will provided when it is available. Here are general instructions to prepare yourself. Please DO NOT call until the item you want to speak about is being discussed.

  1. Call in by 2:00 PM:
  2. You can login via Zoom app:
  3. OR Dial 1-669-254 5252 . When prompted, input Webinar ID: 160 114 3486#
  4. Or use iPhone one-tap: US:


  5. You will be placed on mute until it is your turn to speak. You will be able to hear the City meeting live after calling in, so you can turn off your TV or the webstream.
  6. When the Clerk introduces the item, raise your hand by either tapping the "Raise your Hand" button on your computer, tablet, or Smartphone, or by dialing *9 on your phone. You will be taken in the order in which you raise your hand. You may only speak once on a particular item.
  7. After you are unmuted, please state your name before beginning your comments. A buzzer will sound when you have reached the time limit. Please conclude your comments when you hear the buzzer. Provide your live public comment. You may only have 1 minute to speak. You may use our suggested script.
  8. (Optional) You can tune into the meeting broadcast via public television (within the City of SD only) on City TV Channel 24 for Cox Communications and Time Warner Cable or Channel 99 for AT&T, or online here. While you are waiting to give testimony, be sure to mute the broadcast or stream of the meeting. You’ll be able to hear the meeting proceedings on your phone call.
  1. Name and where you own rental(s)
  2. Oppose the item
  3. Why do you manage or own property? (e.g. retirement, children's education, career, etc...)
  4. How have you been hurt by recent housing regulations or by problematic tenants?
  5. If applicable, tell City Council how much rent is still owed to you.
  6. If applicable, tell City Council about your reasons for having to remove someone from your rental.
  7. End with, "I strongly encourage you to oppose the tenant protection ordinance"